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Hi Remote Hunter! We have a goal to save you money! Especially if you discover that your remote is no longer in production!! We've recreated tens of new high quality discontinued remotes with 2020 tech, to keep outdated remotes available and even better than the old 1900 technology. And since we know you are suffering... we'll ship your remote fast


A remote designed by us

Replacement Remote for Carrier - Model: 40BNE | Remotes Remade | Carrier 40BNE024301, 2105V08300. 51603538800, 51603504406, 51303504410, 40BNC009101, DFF2AH36K1A, 51303541000 40BNE024301 40BNE024301, TAC490 Ver1-1, 40BNB018301, 40BNB024301, 40BNB030301, 40BNB036301, 40BNE018301, 40BNE030301, 40BNE036301, TAC290, 51603538700 51303541000

Replacement Remote for Gree - Model: TAC490 V1 & V2

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