How to select a Universal Remote for my Air Conditioner that will Actually Work? 👍

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Is buying a Universal Remote for an Air Conditioner a Good Idea?

Buying a Universal Air conditioner remote for your AC can be Hit and Miss.
According to Daniel Malchi:

The chances of buying a Universal remote for your AC and it actually working is around 75% 

The reason for this is that no single Universal Remote contains every AC in the world. And being that there are so many different types of AC Remotes which are not even in the same category as the other. 

Is there a solution to this phenomena?

Fortunately, there are some people in this world that know which remotes match which AC for example the Remote expert Quoted above Daniel Malchi has enough expertise. He has enough information to advise any client which remote will work with which Universal remote.

How can we use Daniel Malchi's knowledge to guarantee that the Universal Remote will work on my AC?

Thankfully, Remotes Remade has hired Daniel Malchi, and he is part of our team. He says that the best way to get a Universal remote that will work for sure, is to type your model number, find a photo of your actual remote, and then click on the UNIVERSAL option. 

How does that guarantee success?

Every evening, Daniel Malchi, checks all orders and Tags each client who ordered a Universal remote with the correct remote to send. Meaning that when ordering from us, you are completely guaranteed to get a Universal Remote that will actually work!

How many different types of Universal AC Remotes Are there?

There are over 13 databases of Universal remotes. And even the ones that look identical, have different databases depending on the year they were released. And thankfully, Daniel Malchi has access to this information.

We wish you success in purchasing a Universal Air conditioner Remote that will actually work

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