Soniq Smart TV Remote

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New QT1D Remote Control for SONIQ Full HD TV 

  • Simple to use, just insert batteries.
  • It replaces your old SONIQ TV remote control.
  • 1-Year replacement warranty. 

  • Compatible Models:

    E24Z15B E32W13B-AU E32W13D-AU E40V14A-AU
    E23Z13A-AU E23Z15A-AU E24Z15B-AU E32V15B-AU E32V15D-AU
    E32V16B-AU E32V17A-AU E32V17B-AU E32W13A-AU E32W13B-AU
    E32W13D-AU E40V14A-AU E40V14B-AU E40V16A-AU E40W13A-AU
    E40W13C-AU E42V14A-AU E43V15B-AU E43V15C-AU E43V15D-AU
    E48W13A-AU L32V12B-AU E24HZ17B-AU E32HV18A-AU E42FV16A-AU
    E48FH16A-AU E55FV16A-AU S55UV16A-AU S55UV16B-AU S65UX16A-AU
    E24Z15B-AU REV.A E43V15C-AU REV.B E32HV18A-AU REV.A.


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    If you wish to save money, consider the Universal Soniq Television Remote  which costs less than half of this one!

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