Replacement Remote for Friedrich - Model: CP1

Replacement Remote for Friedrich - Model: CP1

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This is a replacement remote for Friedrich
It replaces the following models: CP10A10 CP10C10 CP10N10 US10C30 US10D10 US10D30 US12C10 US12C30 US12D10  US08D10A US08D10A-A US08D10B US10B10 US10B10A US10B10A-A US10B10B US10B30A US10B30A-A US10D10A US10D10A-A
CP05A10 US10C30 CP10C10 US08B10A-A US10D10B US12D10A CP05C10 US10D10 CP10N10 US08D10A US10D30A US12D10B CP06A10 US10D30 CP12A10 US08D10A-A US10D30A-A US12D30A CP06C10 US12C10 CP12C10 US08D10B US10D30B US12D30A-A KP05A10 US12C30 KP08A10 US10B10 US12B10A US12D30B KP06A10 US12D10 UE08D11 US10B10A US12B10A-A US14B30 UE08C13 US12D30 UE08D11C US10B10A-A US12B10B US14B30A UE10C33 US14C30 UE10D33 US10B10B US12B30 US14D30B UE12C33 US14D30 UE10D33C US10B30A US12B30A
Even though the display is in Celsius it works perfectly with Fahrenheit Air conditioners.


No programming required. Simply insert a battery and you are ready to control your AC again.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card. And if you have any issues we will replace it immediately.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouses. Select from standard shipping which takes around 5 working days and Express shipping which takes around 3 working days. However as we produce these immediately upon order, there is sometimes an extra 5 working day delay for delivery.

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