One-for-All Air Conditioner Remote Control for Crosley

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This page is for Crosley AC's listed below.
We have 2 options available: 
Option 1: ($139) A regular style remote.
Option 2: ($49)  A newly formulated One-for-All remote, The One-for-All was formulated by us as the original remote has been discontinued and too many of our clients were left without a remote due to the high price of our last originals.

Both remotes function the same. The One-For-All will replace all the remotes in the picture. 


Both remotes options listed above require you to simply insert a battery and it will work with your AC right away. No programming required.

It is the replacement for model numbers:
CAE10ESR-R410A11 CAE10ESR-R410A12 CAE10ESR-R410A13 CAE10ESR-R410A14 CAE10ESR-R410A15 CAE10ESR-R410A16 CAE10ESR-R410A17 CAE10ESR-R410A18 CAE10ESR-R410A19


We can provide you with this remote as we have a few left in stock, however when we run out of stock they are automatically shipped from our Australian or UK Warehouses, so please allow an extra 8 working days for delivery on the stated delivery times online.

Please do not be tempted to order a cheap universal alternative, even from us! We have the experience to prevent you from purchasing a remote that half works, please let us save you time.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouses. Select from standard shipping which takes around 8 days and Express shipping which takes around 4 Days.

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