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Master Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Remote Control

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Brand new Master Mitsubishi AC Remote
Like a master key controls all doors, this remote is a Master remote for Mitsubishi Only.
This Mitsubishi remote was formulated for our clients who couldn't locate an exact model of remote. You cant go wrong with this remote. We produce this remote once you place your order.

Every single Mitsubishi remote is installed inside it so that it will work on every Mitsubishi AC in the world.
Including Mitsubishi Union, p12nhmu, PKFY-P12NHMU-EPKFY-P15NHMU-EPKFY-P18NHMU-E PKFY-P12NHMU-E2


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouses. Select from standard shipping which takes around 9 working days and Express shipping which takes around 6 working days. As we produce these if there is a queue for production, it will take a few extra days to arrive, please note this.

Our remotes have a 2 year warranty from defects. 

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