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Master Remote For all LG Air Conditioners

This new remote is Money Back guaranteed to substitute your old remote and we will ship it directly to your door.

Otherwise if you prefere a remote that looks more like your old one go to: .

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New for 2020, a Brand new Master LG Air Conditioner Remote
Like a master key controls all doors, a Master remote for LG Only.

This item is exclusive to and cannot be found anywhere in stores.

This LG remote was formulated for our clients who couldn't locate an exact model of remote. And for clients who want a hassle free buying experience.

You cant go wrong with this remote. Every single LG remote is installed inside it so that it will work on every LG AC in the world. Please see the images to find your remote.

Easy use

It arrives ready to use. You just insert batteries and you are up and running.

Shipped Fast From the USA.

Remotes do not require coding - they will operate the model numbers listed. Our remotes have a 2 year warranty from manufacturing defects.

Some models it works on: 
6711A20111k 6711A90031L 6711A90023C 6711A90023B 6711A90032T LA1000PR LWC101VLPA1 LW1000PR LW1000PRY3 LW1200PR LW1200PRY3 LW1500PR LW1500PRY3 LW1800PR LW1800PRZ3 LW8000PR LWL1010WGL LWL1210WGL LWP1510WGL LWP1830WGL LP6000ER LP7000R LP7000RY4
6711A20052M 6711A20052A 6711A20052J AKB73016012 ASNH121E1H0 ASNH1835DM0 6711AR2905D ASNH2435DM0 

6711A20128C ASH121E1Z0 LMN090HE LMN120HE LS090HE LS120HE LS180HE LS240HE LSN090HE LSN120HE LSN180HE LSN240HE Lg lw1500p LW1800PR LW1800er LW1800ERZ3 LW1500PR LW1500PRY3 LWP1830WAL LWP1820PDL LWP1820PEL LWC182PLMM0 LWC183PLMD1 LW1804ER LW1800PRZE HBLG1803R 6711a20026t 6711A90023E 6711A20010E 6711A20026T 6711A20026U 6711A20026T 6711A20028K 6711A20078A 6711A20026U 6711A20025 6711A20025M  LA140CE LA141CP LA180CP LA181CNW LA246HV LAN091CNP LAN091HNP LAN095HV LAN121CNM LAN121CNP LAN121HNM LAN121HNP

Includes all original remote functions auto, fan, heat and cool functions.


Simply insert 2 x AAA batteries and select your remote code from 1 to 10.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card. And if you have any issues we will replace it immediately.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouses. Select from standard shipping which takes around 5 working days and Express shipping which takes around 3 working days. 

We know you need your remote and Fast! We get it out of our warehouse first thing.

LOCAL (USA only) Canada not included 

1. Money Saver 💰 - FREE (10 Days)

2. Tracked - USPS - $4.99 (5 Days)

3. EXPRESS  - $9.99 (2 Days)



1. Eco International shipping - $4.99
We are currently offering a special international shipping sale for only $4.99 for worldwide shipping. You can expect it to arrive within 2 to 3 weeks and you will receive a tracking number.

2. Express International Shipping - $17
Express priority International tracked shipping arrives on average 7 days after the order is placed.

✅✅✅✅✅ This Air Conditioner Remotes for LG For 6711a20010e remote. My old 6711a20010e 6711a20025 got lost. The master remote for all lg air conditioners resembled my old remote but I chose the Alternative 6711a20010e and It worked on arrival. thumbs up

- Angel Seruya, IL, USA

✅✅✅✅✅The 6711a20010e remote was a perfect fit for me. I ordered this Master Remote For all LG Air Conditioners and the quality was equal to the original. A quick soution.

✅✅✅✅They ship from their Amazon store so its fast! Good news it's compatible with my 6711a20010e 6711a20025 remote.

Robert Bradshaw, LA, USA


Search model number

so if your model number is listed you can order with 100% confidence even if the remote looks slightly different than yours. If your model number is not listed please only order from this page if the remote is identical to your old remote.



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