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Laser Television Remote Controller for Panasonic

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P236 Remote Controller for Panasonic

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Requires Batteries.

Compatible with:
TH-32E400Z TH-40A400Z TH-40C400A TH-40C400Z
TH32E400Z TH40A400Z TH40C400A TH40C400Z THL42ET5A, THL47ET5A, THL55ET5A, THP50UT50A, THP50XT50A, THP60UT50A, THP65UT50A, TH-L42ET5A, TH-L47ET5A, TH-L55ET5A, TH-P50UT50A, TH-P50XT50A, TH-P60UT50A, TH-P65UT50A TH32C400A, TH40C400A, TH32D400A, TH32D400Z, TH40D400A, TH40D400Z, TH49D400A, TH49D400Z, TH-32C400A, TH-40C400A, TH-32D400A, TH-32D400Z, TH-40D400A, TH-40D400Z, TH-49D400A, TH-49D400Z. TH-42C410H, TH-40C400H TH-42A410H TH-50A410H

And N2QAYB000817 & N2QAYB000976  N2QAYB000823


 Suits most new Panasonic TV's

  • No coding required

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