Replacement Remote for Frigidaire - Model: FFRE

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This is a replacement remote for Frigidaire.
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Option 1 - ($69) Remote as pictured
Option 2 - ($49) - Recommended - Alternative (works on arrival just looks different)
Additionally, the alternative is splash proof and comes included with a 4 year battery and 2 year warranty and its made by us (Remotes Remade™)

RG15D/E-ELL RG15D/E-ELL1 (Part Number: 5304476866 5304487535 5304501879)

It replaces the following models: FFRE0633U1E FFRE06l3Q16 FFRE12L3S1 FFRE12L3S10 FFRE15L3Q1 FFRE15L3Q10 FFRE15L3Q11 FFRE15L3Q12 FFRE15L3Q13 FFRE15L3Q14 FFRE18L3Q2  FFRE18L3Q20 FFRE18L3Q21 FFRE18L3Q22 FFRE18L3Q23 FFRE25L3S2 FFRE0633Q13 FFRE0633Q14 FFRE0633Q15 FFRE0633Q16 FFRE0633Q17 FFRE0633Q18 FFRE0633Q19 FFRE0633S10 FFRE0633S11 FFRE0633S13 l FRA065AT728 FRA065AT729 FRA065AT730 FRA065AT731 FRA083AT70 FRA083AT71 FRA083AT710 FRA083AT711 FRA083AT712 FAA085T7A2 FAA085T7A3 FAA086P7A FAA086P7A-E FAA086P7A12 FAA086P7A14 FAA086P7A6 FAA086P7AA FAA086P7AB FAA086P7AC FAA086P7AD  FRA063AT70 FRA063AT71 FRA063AT710 FRA063AT711 FRA063AT712 FRA063AT713 FRA063AT714 FRA063AT715 FRA063AT716 FRA063AT717   FFRA1222U10 FFRA0822U1 FFRA1022U1 FFRA1222U1 FFRE0833U1 FFRE1033U1 FFRE1233U1 FFRE1533U1 FFRE1833U2 FAC107S1AB FAC107S1AC FAC107S1AD FAC109S1AA FAC109S1AB FAC124P1A FAC124P1A16 FAC125P1A13 FAC125P1A16 FAC125P1AA FAC125P1AB FAH106S2T FAH106S2T-A FAH106S2T-B FAH106S2TA11 FAH106S2TA12 FAH106S2TA13 FAH10ER2T1 FAH10ES2T FAH10ES2TA FAH10ES2TB  FRA054XT7 FRA054XT70 FRA054XT71 FRA054XT710 FRA054XT711 FRA054XT712 FRA054XT713 FRA054XT72 FRA054XT73 FRA055XT70 FFRE10W3Q14 FFRE10W3Q15 FFRE0533Q1 FFRE0533Q10 FFRE0533Q11 FFRE0533Q12 FFRE0533Q13 FFRE0533Q14 FFRE0533Q15 FFRE06B3Q13 FFRE06B3Q15 FFRE06C3Q10 LRA107CV116 LRA107CV117 LRA107CV118 LRA107CV119 LRA107CV120 LRA107CV121 LRA127CT1 LRA127CT10 LRA127CT11 LRA127CT110 FFRE10L3S11 FFRE12L3Q1 FFRE12L3Q12 FFRE12L3Q13 FFRE12L3Q14 FFRE12L3Q15 FFRE12L3Q16 FFRE18L3Q21 FFRE18L3Q22 FAC127S1AB FAC127S1AC FAC127S1AD FAH086R1T FAH086R1T1 FAH086S1T FAH086T1T10 FAH08ER1T FAH08ER1T1 FAH08ES1 FAH08ES1T FRA155MT1 FRA155MT110 FRA155MT111 FRA155MT112 FRA155MT113 FRA156MT1 FRA156MT110 FRA156MT111 FRA156MT112 FRA156MT113 FAA087S7AB FAA087S7AC FAA087S7AD FAA087S7AE FAA087S7AF FAC085N7A FAC085N7A1 FAC085N7A2 FAC086N7A FAC086N7A1 FAC086N7A2 FAH126S2TA12 FAH126S2TA13 FAH127S2T-A FAH127S2T-B FAH12EN2T FAH12EN2 FAH12ER2T FAH12ER2T FAH12ER2T1 FAH12ES2T FAH12ES2TA FAH12ES2TA11 FFRE15L3S1 

CRA Models:
CRA057XT7 CRA057XT710 CRA057XT711 CRA057XT712 CRA057XT713 CRA057XT714 CRA057XT715 CRA057XT716 CRA057XT717 CRA074AT7 CRA074AT70 CRA074AT71 CRA074AT710 CRA074AT711 CRA074AT712 CRA074AT713 CRA074AT714 CRA074AT715 CRA074AT716 CRA074AT717 CRA074AT718 CRA074AT719 CRA087AT7CRA057XT7 CRA057XT710 CRA057XT711 CRA057XT712 CRA057XT713 CRA057XT714 CRA057XT715 CRA057XT716 CRA057XT717 CRA074AT7 CRA074AT70 CRA074AT71 CRA074AT710 CRA074AT711 CRA074AT712 CRA074AT713 CRA074AT714 CRA074AT715 CRA074AT716 CRA074AT717 CRA074AT718 CRA074AT719 CRA087AT7 CRA087AT70 CRA087AT71 CRA087AT72 CRA087AT73 CRA107BU1 CRA107BU110 CRA107BU111 CRA107BU112 CRA107BU113 CRA107BU114 CRA107BU115 CRA107CT1 CRA107CT10 CRA107CT11 CRA107CT12 CRA107CT13 CRA107CT14 CRA107CT15 CRA127CT1 CRA127CT10 CRA127CT11 CRA127CT110 CRA127CT111 CRA127CT112 CRA127CT12 CRA127CT13 CRA127CT14 CRA127CT15 LRA057XT710 LRA057XT711 LRA057XT712 LRA057XT713 LRA057XT714 LRA057XT715 LRA057XT716 LRA057XT717 LRA074AT7 LRA074AT70 LRA074AT71 LRA074AT710 LRA074AT711 LRA074AT712 LRA074AT713 LRA074AT714 LRA074AT715 LRA074AT716 LRA074AT717 LRA074AT718 LRA074AT719 LRA087AT7 LRA087AT70 LRA087AT71 lra127ct1



No programming required. Simply insert a battery and you are ready to control your AC again.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card. And if you have any issues we will replace it immediately.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouses. Select from standard shipping which takes around 5 working days and Express shipping which takes around 3 working days. However as we produce these immediately upon order, there is sometimes an extra 10 working day delay for delivery.

We know you need your remote and Fast! We will do everything to get it out of our warehouse immediately. 


Takes on average 12 working days to arrive. A tracking number will be added to your order.

1. USPS - $6.99
Takes on average 7 working days to arrive.
This option is tracked and very reliable.

Takes on average 3 working days to arrive.
We add a tracking number to your order once it ships


If a remote doesn't work, we will send a full refund including any postage paid. Usually however one of our remote specialists will be assigned to resolve your problem and send the correct remote at no additional cost to you. 

Luckily however, the years of experience we have developed has caused us to make little to no mistakes with remote orders. In fact our remotes master (Daniel Malchi) is so knowledgeable with regards to virtually every AC remote in the world, that he knows of alternatives for every problem. 

That's why buying from us will ensure your purchase is the final resolution to your problem!
✅✅✅✅✅ I chose the Alternative option for this replacement frigidaire remotes because the original for my model ffre06l3q1 remote was too expensive. My ffre06l3q1 frigidaire looked slightly different than the replacement remote for frigidaire - model: ffre pictured but it worked on arrival. Good job guys!

- Jeremy, New York

✅✅✅✅✅This ffre06l3q1 remote was a perfect fit for me. I ordered this Replacement Remote for Frigidaire - Model: FFRE and the quality was equal to the original. Thank you for solving my problem.

✅✅✅✅Slow delivery 2 weeks to Australia! Good news it's the item is compatible with my ffre06l3q1 frigidaire remote.

Robert, QLD, Australia

The REPLACEMENT REMOTE FOR FRIGIDAIRE - MODEL: FFRE has been tested and found working with the following (incomplete) list (if your model is not listed you may still order):
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