Springer Remote Model RG37B/BGCEF

Aircond Remote Control for Springer A/C's RG37B/BGCEF

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This is an A/C Remote Controller for Springer air conditioner remotes ( RG37B/BGCEF )

The rule is, if it looks like your remote, you should only order from this page as you will receive a remote which will work for sure regardless which option you decide to go with.

Note: We only have only 1 New Remotes exactly as pictured for Springer AC's which is the reason for the high price. 
Some compatible models:
That's why we are offering an alternative which works the same but looks different, We recommend it for you to save money. It requires no programming to use!

We have 3 options at checkout - select from:
Option 1 - ($147.70) Official Springer Remote as pictured (New!)
Option 2 - ($59) Alternative (works on arrival just looks different)
Option 3 - ($36.20) Universal remote which was tested against the pictured remote and requires programming to use.

The display is in Celsius but works on Fahrenheit models as well.


No programming required. Simply insert a battery and you are ready to control your AC again. (Option 1 & 2 Only) Option 3 requires programming.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your receipt and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card. And if you have any issues we will replace it immediately.


This remote is sourced from שלט למזגן or שלט למזגן אלקטרה  if you order the official remote. If you order the official remote if you order the alternative. It will be shipped from Remotes Remade

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