Air Conditioner Remote For LG Model 6711A20034G

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This remote will replace your old LG remote.
The originals have been discontinued, so we have remade this remote to allow undisturbed use of your AC.
Please note the extra buttons on our remote will only work if your model allows for it.

There are 2 options available on this page
($39) - Regular Style Remote
($35.95) - LG Master Remote - This remote works only every LG Air conditioner.

These are the models it will replace: 

LWHD1006R, LWHD1500ER, LWHD1800R, LG LW5016 LWHD1200FR, LWHD2500ER, LT1230HR, LWHD1000R, LT1030HR, L1006R, LWHD1209R, LB1000ER, LWHD1200R, L1006RY6, LW2510ER, GL6000ER, LW8010ER, LW1810ER, LT081CER, LT103CER, LW8000ER, LW8010ER, LT0810CR, LWHD1009R, L8010ER, LW1010ER, LWHD8000R, LT121CNR, LW1210ER, LWHD2500ERY9, LT143CNR, L1010ER, LW1510ER, LWHD1000CR, L1210ER, LWHD1450ER, L1810ER, LWHD122FR, L1204R, LB8000ER, L1804R, TEC101ALMK0, UWC101LDMK1, UWC101LDMK3 Akb35706904 6711a20034e 6711a20034d 6711a20034a 6711a20034n 6711a20034g 6711a20034c 6711a20034u 6711a20034v 6711a20034s 6711a20034t 6711a20035a L6004R L6004RA LB8000R LW050CE LW1210HR LW1212HR LW1214HR LW5200ER LW5200ERY3 LW5200R LW6012ER LW6511R LW7000R LW7010HR LWC051JGMK1 LWHD1200HR LWHD1200HRY7 LWHD6500R LWHD6500SR LWHD7000HR LWHD8008R LWHD8008R.AWYAHDP LWHD8008RY9 LWJ0515PAG WM-5031 LP1200DXR LP1200DXRY9 LP1210DXR LW1810HR LW1810HRY1 LW1810HRY7 LW1812HR LW1813HR LW2410HR LW2412HR LW2413HR LWC121RLMM0 LWC121RLMM1 LWHD1800HR LWHD1807HR LWHD2400HR LWHD2400HRY7 LWX183MGMM1 TWX183NGMM0 TWX243NGMM0 WM-1211 KG5200ER LWG1010PCG M5404R WG1200RY3 HWC061JGMK3 HWC061JGMK4 L8004RY4 L8008R LT100CSG LT120CSG LT1210CRY6 LV100CE LV120CE LW12000ER LW1400ER LWHD1500R LWHD24HRYZ LWHD7000HRY7 LWHP8000R LWN2131QAG LWN2432QAS W121CA W121CM W122CA W122CM WM1836QAS Y5USC18-6R Y5USC24-6R WHIRLPOOL ACQ62PK CL8000ER GL6000ER L1004R L1006R L1006RY6 L1010ER L1204R L1210ER L1404R L1804R L1804RYT L1810ER L5004R L8004R L8010ER LB1000ER LB1200ER LB8000ER LEC101ALMK2 LT0810CR LT0813CNR LT081CER LT081CNR LT1010CR LT1010CR-Y6 LT1010CR-Y7 LT1013CNR LT101CNR LT1030CR LT1030CRY6 LT1030HR LT1033CNR LT103CER LT103CNR LT103HNR LT1210CR LT1213CNR LT121CNR LT1230C LT1230CR LT1230CRY7 LT1230HR LT1233CNR LT1430CRY6 LT1433CNR LT143CNR LW0810ER LW1000ER LW1000ERY3 LT1210CR LT1213CNR AKB73016012 6711AR2905B 6711A20034G AG1AC17BWG AG1AC17BWF 6711AR2853L zw6510r LW1011ER 6711A20034E 6711A20034D 6711A20034A 6711A20034N 6711A20034G 6711A20034C 6711A20034U 6711A20034V 6711A20034S 6711A20034T 6711A20035A 6711A20035D 6711A20035K AKB35706901 6711A20056B 6711A20056D 6711A20066F 6711A20066A 6711A20066H 6711A20089K 6711A20093A AKB73016003 AKB73016004 AKB73016005 AKB73016009 AKB35979501 6711A90019A 6711A20056S AKB73016001 6711A20066L AKB73795706 AKB73016015 


No programming required. Simply insert batteries and you are ready to control your AC again.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouses. Select from standard shipping which takes around 9 working days and Express shipping which takes around 6 working days. As we produce these if there is a queue for production, it will take a few extra days to arrive, please note this.

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