Velux Substitute Instructions

 Thank you for ordering this Velux Skylight substitute from

Instructions for first use
Our substitute usually works on arrival on all 3 motors (M1, M2 and M3.). See this image

Try it on arrival by pressing the TOP ROW of buttons.


Please don't return it to us before you have CONTACTED US

We will provide service until you are up and running.

If the video instructions do not prove successful.

The final solution:


There is 1 last solution that will make our remote work for you (in master mode)

Locate the receiver that gets the signal from the remote. It should be on the wall somewhere.

Please simply change the receiver channel to this:
Velux window remote

Now test our remote.

BINGO. It works!
These instructions were written with care so that you will have a working remote. Please email us if the remote still doesnt work at

If it works... please let us know via Feedback so that we can continue to solve your remote problems :)

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