Samsung Universal Air Conditioner Remote

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Samsung Compatible Universal Remote

It is compatible with every type of Samsung Air Conditioner
Including: ARC106,DB93-30067N   AM18A1C09, AM18A1C2, AM18A1C2/KCV, AM26A1C13, AM26A1C2, AM26A1C2/KCV, AM27A1C07, AM27A1C13, AM27A1C3, AM27A1C3/KCV, AS07A2VA, AS07A2VA/KCV, AS09A2VA, AS09A2VA/KCV, AS12A2VC, AS12A2VC/KCV, AS18A2QC, AS18A2QC/KCV, AS24A2QC, AS24A2QC/KCV, IAM18A1C09/KCV, IAM26A1C13/KCV, IAM27A1C07/KCV, IAM27A1C13/KCV DB9330067N And all other Samsung models.

Our hand-picked Universal Remote has been selected for this specific brand of air conditioner.
Please note: not all the other universal remotes on the market will match your AC.


Controls your AC's regular functions only: 
-Power ON/OFF
-Heating (+Temperature control)
-AC Cooling (+Temperature control)
-Fan strength control.

For special functions consider searching for your regular remote.


In the rare case that the remote is not compatible with your Air Conditioner, We will provide a full refund! And you have 1 year warranty on the product.


Point the remote at the Air conditioner and Press the SET button until the Air Conditioner beeps. Finished. Your Remote is Ready-To-USE


In many cases an official remote can exceed $80. While this high quality remote at 20% of that will replace it in every way.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouses. Select from standard shipping which takes around 8 days and Express shipping which takes around 4 Days


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